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Survey Reveals Afghans Prefer Peace Deal with Taliban than Elections

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2019)

Ariana News conducted a survey on peace and elections with the support of advocacy group NAI in 34 provinces in February this year.   

In this survey primary data collected from:

  • 5379 citizens
  • 34 provinces of Afghanistan
  • In three languages (Dari, Pashtu, and Uzbeki)

The questionnaire’s questions was selected by ATN news and there were three main questions:

  1. Do you want peace? (5379) respondents  
  2. Do you want election? (5370) respondents  
  3. Between peace and election, which one you prefer/select? (5305) respondents while 74 no responded. 

From a total of 5379 respondents, 5337 of them have identified their languages, and 5357 respondents have identified their provinces. 

In response to the first question (Do you want peace?), 5295 (98.4%) respondents said YES while 87 (1.7%) responded NO.


In response to the second question (Do you want election?), 4990 (92.8%) respondents said YES while 380 (7.1%) responded NO.


And in response to the third question (Between peace and election which one do you select?), 4852 (90.2%) respondents said they want peace while 429 (8%) respondents said they prefer elections.


In addition, 24 (0,4%) respondents said they want peace and elections while 74 (1.4%) participants did not respond.  

The survey was primarily conducted in three languages including Persian, Pashtu and Uzbeki. From a total of 5337 respondents, 3309 (61,5%) were in Dari, 1996 (37.1%) in Pashtu and 32 (0.6%) more were in Uzbeki language.

Out of 34 provinces, Kabul has the highest number of respondents (1,499), Nangarhar has 378 and Herat & Ghazni 356 each respectively. More details are shown in the below charts. 

It comes as the international community led by the United States are making diplomatic efforts to reach into a political settlement and end the nearly two decades of war in Afghanistan.

Earlier, the U.S. Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad said that the United States wants to make a peace agreement with the Taliban before the presidential election which is scheduled to be held on 20th of July this year.   

However, on the other side, the Afghan government insists that the election would take place on its set date.

The whole Survey is enclosed below:

Light Version

Original Version

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