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Zakhilwal denies guaranteeing Kabul Bank scandals

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2014)


The Acting Minister of Finance and Economic Advisor of the President, Omar Zakhilwal denies guaranteeing the two accused persons in Kabul Bank embezzlement crisis who have escaped out of country: Mohibullah Safi, Ex-head of Afghan Central Bank and Masoud Mossa Ghazi, Ex-CEO of New Kabul Bank.

Definitely, I didn’t guarantee anyone and if I did, they should provide the documents showing my signature, Zakhilwal said to Ariana News.

But Deputy Minister of Finance, Mustafa Mastor reasoning,” I have signed every single document as per my boss orders and he has been witnessed while I have signed the documents, and of course I can provide the documents based on the court inquiries.”

These statements come after the Attorney General Office (AGO) warned that they will prosecute Zakhilwal if he fails to bring the accused persons to court on Tuesday during a press conference session.

Recently a number of Kabul Bank accused scandals were sentenced to jail and were forced to pay the loans by appellate court after President Ghani signed a verdict asking for an inquiry to reopen the Bank crisis case on his initial working days.


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