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Qadir: Daesh commanders in Kabul, commuting in security institutions

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2015)

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Parliament’s first deputy speaker claims that Daesh commanders and officials are in the capital, Kabul and commuting in embassies and security institutions.

Zahir Qadir, first deputy speaker of Parliament who fight against Daesh group in Nangarhar since three months ago on Monday told to members of Parliament that there are circles in the government body and security agencies that support the Daesh group.

Criticizing the National Unity Government (NUG) and National Security Adviser, Qadir noted that the government is obstructing instead of supporting people for combat against Daesh.

According to Qadir, around 20,000 Pakistani refugees with Pakistani ID cards are in 22 districts of Nangarhar and when one of them arrests, Afghan senior officials interfere and demand for releasing them.

He further added that beside Pakistani people, Chechens and Uzbeks and Arabs have also been seen.

“The Daesh Company is in Shinwari district, if the company destroys, the production ends but we see attempts for growing the factory,” said Zahir Qadir, first deputy speaker of Parliament.

But spokesman of national security adviser said to consider Zahir Qadir’s statments baseless, saying Qadir declares such statements for militia.

Tawab Ghurzang, spokesman of national security adviser demands the Security Council to set a delegation to seriously track these statements.

“Zahir Qadir declares such statements to weaken the minds of people and Afghan security forces in combat against Daesh,” said spokesman of national security adviser, Tawab Ghurzang.

Meanwhile, Nangarhar representative in Parliament, Esmatullah Shenwari says, “Refugees who come by the name of Tehrik-e Taliban are refugees at the day and fight against Afghan security forces at night.”

Nangarhar has been witnessing a rise in the presence of Daesh terrorists in at least seven of its districts in recent months.


Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi


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