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Young Woman Beaten to Death by Husband in Takhar Province

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2017)

A young Afghan woman aged 30 has been beaten to death by her husband in the northern Takhar province for picking up 500 Afghanis from his pocket, the local police authorities reported.

The incident was reportedly happened yesterday, December 04, and the woman named Hanifa died after she was taken to the provincial hospital of Takhar province.

Hanifa’s husband is currently under police custody and police said that he has already confessed his committed crime.

The local officials of Women Affairs Department in Takhar province expressing concerns over the increased numbers of women’s self-murder and murder describe the poverty as the main factor of ups in domestic violence.

According to the authorities, they have recorded around 5 cases or women’s murder and self-murder in the course of last month.

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