‘Young Professionals and Effective Businesses’ Exhibition Held in Kabul

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2017)

CaptureAn exhibition under the name of ‘Young Professionals and Effective Businesses’ held on Wednesday in Kabul.

Dozens of young businessmen gathered in an exhibition that was held in Kabul, hoping to grow their businesses.

The exhibition showcased jewelry, foodstuff, and technology equipments in 104 different sections and was held to support young businessmen / businesswomen in growing their ideas and businesses.

“We exported about 1000 Tonnes of dried fruits to many other countries. However, we need young people to help us in this case because if we have them, we can increase the number to 2000.” said Younis Momand, financial deputy of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Meanwhile, one of the businessmen who is working on Saffron products complains about inattention of the government in helping businessmen to grow their works.

Nawab Azimi, an Afghan businessman said “We have been never supported by the government; we even have to pay for the small place that we have rented.”

On the other hand, a number of youths who are working on different fields are not satisfied the support of government.

“Youths have important roles in country’s economic growth; the government has to pay attention to their works and support them.” said Ismael Faizi, a visitor in the exhibition.

Businessmen ask the government to pay attention to their works on different fields, That way, they can increase the number of exportation to the other countries and it will help them to prevent importations of low-quality products.

Reported by: Lyda Niazi

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