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World’s post-peace aid emphatic for Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2020)

Some former and present prominent Afghan officials want the international society to continue their aid to Afghanistan post the peace deal with the Taliban.

The former officials emphasize that the economical aspect of Afghanistan should also be taken into consideration during the peace talks.

Economy Minister Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor, underlines that he has a well-organized plan for the economy of the country post the peace agreement. he says, “33% of the budget is spent over warfare, other 33% is spent for the rehabilitation derived from the war, meaning, two-third of our budget goes into war.”

Awar ul Haq Ahadi, former finance minister, also wants other countries to continue helping Afghanistan after the peace agreement is reached. He says that Afghanistan does not have the capability to reconstruct the damages left from the war.

According to the officials in addition to the benefits that the world’s aid has brought to Afghanistan, such aid has had its negative impacts as well – it has made Afghanistan stay dependent on foreign aid.

Omar Zakhilwal, former finance minister, says, “A deadly sense of dependence has loomed in Afghanistan, not only in terms of economy but in all areas. It is as desperate as if the aid stops, we will not survive even for 6 months.”

Previously, SIGAR – Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction – said that after reaching to an agreement of peace, 80,000 Taliban men would hail into the Afghan society, while there is not regular economical scheme for them, which increases the possibility of them joining other insurgent groups.

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