World shouldn’t ignore Pakistan role combating terrorism: China

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2016)


Officials in Foreign Ministry of China have urged that International community shouldn’t ignore Pakistan efforts for combating terrorism and helping Afghanistan to reach peace and stability.

They have also insisted that both Afghanistan- Pakistan Governments should practice the quadrilateral commitments made.

The following statement comes after the Pakistan International adviser for Prime Minister has declared peace option rather than military acts against terrorists.

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Hong lei said,” International community should not forget the cooperation of Pakistan on combating terrorism and helping Afghanistan reach peace and stability, though all the Four Nations are trying to reach and end but its obligated that both countries should push through to find best results.”

President Deputy Spokesman Dawakhab Minapall said,” it’s not only the Government but the whole Nation understand the meaning of peace and its importance, we want peace, peace as policy has been pursued for years by the Afghan Government, we want Pakistan to meet its commitments and they are obligated as well.”

Pakistan International adviser for Prime Minister Sartaj Aziz said,” US and its Allies military fights have failed in Afghanistan in past 15 years, therefore Islamabad hopes that Afghan Government to agree re- beginning of the peace talk’s process.”

Meanwhile Afghan law makers have still accused Pakistan for being dishonest on peace talk’s process.

Mp Qudratullah Zaki said,”Pakistan is the main supporter for terrorism, China has done unilateral judgment about Pakistan, we understand that Pakistan has never been honest on peace and stability issues of Afghanistan.”

This comes after the US special envoy for Afghanistan- Pakistan had after the 5th quadrilateral peace talk’s session that Pakistan should punctual on its commitments.

Reported by Ali Asghari

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