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World milk day held in Kabul

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Agriculture and livestock have held the World milk day in Kabul, during the celebration they have stated that Afghanistan is producing 2 million litter of milk annually, saying efforts should be launched to improve the milk production process within Afghanistan.

They have also urged that there is no standard system within Afghanistan to pack milk, therefore a system should be in place to keep the milk, and find better markets.

Head of the Dairy department in Ministry of Agriculture and livestock Lutfullah Rang said,” 65,4 litter of milk is served for one single Afghan in Afghanistan annually, therefore it’s needed that one Afghan should drink more the above mention number.”

He went on and said,” about 80 percent of packed imported Dairy from foreign countries is consumed in Afghanistan, due to no standard system in place for packing Afghanistan Dairy specially milk only 20 percent of Afghanistan’s production is consumed by Afghans.”

Meanwhile nutrition experts have stated that since Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, milk will save the life human beings and has importance values for the Afghan lifes.

World Milk Day was first celebrated in 2001 all across the world by the participation of many countries. The number of participating countries in the celebration is increasing year by year. Since then, it is celebrated every year focusing to publicize the activities related to the milk and milk industries all through the world. This celebration has been nationalized by organizing celebration related activities on national and international level. It is celebrated to increase the public awareness about the importance of milk and milk products for everyone throughout the whole life.

World Milk Day was first established to be celebrated every year on world level on 1st of June by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. It was selected on 1st of June as the national milk day was already being celebrated by many countries during this time

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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