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World Benefits From Afghanistan Narcotic Drugs Cultivation: MPs

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2016)

4Members of the lower house of the parliament  said that World countries including USA-Britain are being benefited from the production of Afghanistan Narcotic drugs, insisting that there is no clear policy to fight against Narcotic drugs in place and eliminate it.

Law makers have summoned the Minister of Interior Affairs, counter Narcotic, Public health and the deputy of the Interior Minister for counter Narcotic to provide more details the poor attention for combating and increasing the number of addicted persons in Afghanistan.

Mp Dilawar Aimaq said,” Terrorism is depended to Narcotic drugs, US-Britain is the smugglers of Narcotic drugs from Afghanistan, Taliban are being supported and the only Afghans are the victims.”

“ World countries are involved in smuggling of Afghanistan Narcotic drugs, part of the income of the drugs are paid back to Afghanistan as aids, Why this issue should be hidden Kunduz law maker AbdulWadood Paiman said.”

Meanwhile Minister of Interior Affairs Taj Mohammad Jahid stated despite of fighting against terrorists, plantation of Narcotic drugs is the other main issues, stable step is taken to eliminate it.

He said,” Afghanistan is combating against World terrorists, all the terrorist groups have decided to destroy Afghanistan, one of the other main threats is the combating Narcotic drugs, We have gained some achievement on eliminating of drugs in the country.”

“ We local and International institutions are trying to combat against Narcotic drugs in Afghanistan, since we are a policy maker Ministry the responsibility of the combating against the Narcotic drugs goes to those involving institutions Salamat Azimi Minister of Counter Narcotic drugs said.”

Further Minister of Public Health Ferozdin Feroz said,” We are responsible to treat the addicted persons, there are 109 treating medical centers are increased.”

Deputy Counter Narcotic Drug department in Ministry of Interior Affairs Baz Mohammad Ahmadi said,” We have low capacity to respond positive out of combating Narcotic drugs in Afghanistan.”

Plantation of Narcotic drugs in Afghanistan has turned into a huge issue for the world countries, which took Afghanistan in the prior list of the countries producing Narcotic drugs in the world.

Reported by: Rafi Sediqee

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