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World Bank Assists $ 200 Million for Sustainable Urban Development in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2017)

CITY __26__03__2017__DARI__SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.33_[2017.03.26_17.14.24]Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Urban Development (MRRUD) said the World Bank will assist two hundred million dollars for sustainable urban development in Afghanistan.

Officials in MRRD say the aid is scheduled to be allocated for preparation of strategic plans for urban development and at the first step; 20 million of the aid will be presented to government for the initial needs for studies.

“In this program, we will develop strategic plans for cities and to know about economic fields in each city and how to provide economic field for the cities,” said Nilofar Langar, spokesman of MRRD.

Meanwhile, a number of engineers say considering the sustainable urban development in the country, the implementation of the program would be difficult with none-implementation of master-plan and none-standard high rise buildings.

Housing has always been one of the basic needs of the Afghan people and currently, accessing to housing is said to be one of the basic and important challenges in the country.

Officials in the Ministry of Urban Development emphasize on trying to launch extensive programs to meet the housing needs of people.


By Lida Neiazi & ZackArya

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