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Women’s Rights Ensured In Peace Talks with Taliban: Abdullah

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2018)

Addressing a ceremony to mark the International Women’s Day on Thursday, Chief Executive Abdulllah Abdullah said women’s rights in peace talks with the Taliban is ensured.

Abdullah stressed that the government’s peace proposal provides an opportunity for the Taliban to lay down arms and present their national plans through a political party.

He said they should let the people to decide on the Taliban’s thoughts as political party and that how much their thoughts are acceptable to the people, adding that it will be only possible when the ongoing war is ended.

At the same event, Tony Lanzer, the head of UN in Afghanistan stressed on Afghan women’s role in peace efforts.

 “Empowering urban and rural Afghan women is essential to reducing poverty, inequality, and violence against women,” Lanzer said.  “As last week’s second meeting of the Kabul Process highlighted, empowering women is also vital because real reconciliation hinges on women’s full and meaningful participation in the peace process.”

Meanwhile, Helai Irshad a member of Afghan parliament said: “We urged the government to do not underestimate women’s ability. Give women a change to get some important governmental posts through a competitive test.” 

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