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Women Criticized Gov’t for Not Having Women in Management Queue

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2017)

2Some Afghan Women who attended the “Women in leadership” session have vehemently criticized the Government of Afghanistan for not having Women in management queue, saying both teams used Afghan Women as tools to reach their goals during the Presidential campaigns and not allowing the Women to take part in the leadership management beside men and become decision takers.

 The Deputy of the High Peace Council Habiba Sarabi said, “We as Women should think about each other, we don’t have to have the fears of losing our current posts, we need to pave the way for other Afghan Women to have full presence in Afghanistan Governmental body.”

Meanwhile civil society activists said Afghan women are used as tools during the Election campaigns but after the Election they are forgotten which is counted as one of the severe pains for every Afghan single women.

Civil Society Activists Humaira Saqib said, “Women were used as tools during the Presidential Election by both teams, now Women are not seen in the high level of management queue and both teams have failed to introduce the Women in the key positions.”

Most of the Women believed that while important decisions are made no Women is seen around.

Senator Gulalai Akbari said, “Can we see those Women who attended the campaigns for both teams in high level of management of the Afghanistan Government, do see them became Ministers or Ambassadors?.”

All the participants in the Women in leadership session demanded the Government of Afghanistan to fulfill the commitments and promises made for Women before the Presidential Elections, let them become decision takers.

Reported by: Yousuf Yasa

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