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Woman shot dead by unknown gunmen in Herat

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2016)


An old woman was shoot dead by unidentified gunmen who were riding a motorbike on Saturday in western Herat province of Afghanistan, police officials said.

The incident has occurred near to the Noor hospital in Haqiqat Road.

According to the police reports, the woman was on her way in a Rickshaw, a light two-wheeled hooded vehicle, when she was targeted by gunmen.

“We have started our investigations to find out the attackers,” Abdul Rauf Ahmadi provincial police spokesman said.

Hospital sources identified that the woman named Sakina was shoot in her head and was dead right away.

Herat is located in western part of Afghanistan where unidentified gunmen usually perform criminal attacks such as kidnapping and murdering. As per the reports only during the last one month at least 9 people were assassinated by unidentified gunmen in the city.

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