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Wolesi Jirga unanimously rejected ministers with dual citizenship

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2014)

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Wolesi Jirga (The Lower House of Parliament) on Saturday session unanimously decided to disapprove nominated ministers with dual citizenship in the new cabinet and asked the government to avoid introducing such nominees.

Lawmakers in the House believe that ministers with dual nationalities are corrupt and do not take responsibility for Afghanistan requirements.

Although Afghan Parliament ratified Afghanistan Draft Ministerial Dual Citizenship on their 15th period to vote against the nominees with dual nationalities, but a number of legislators would like to discuss this issue and arguing on their capabilities rather than their nationalities.

Shinkay Karokhail, a member of the House said,” Those who have single nationalities, their families are living outside Afghanistan, we should relay to their loyalty, professionalism and capabilities rather than their nationalities.”

While another member of the House, Abdul Rauf Enamee said,” if you vote to ministers with dual nationalities, we will face with a legislative challenge and if they commit a crime they will fly to their second country.”

Wolesi Jirga tasked religious, cultural, central audit and international affairs commissions of Parliament to carefully monitor the nominated minister’s documents.

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