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Wolesi Jirga Tasks Commission to Probe Zahra’s Self-Murder Case

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2017)

Wolesi Jirga (the Lower House) of parliament on Wednesday assigned task to its Commission on Religious and Cultural Affairs to pursue the case of Zahra Khawari, a student of Kabul University who has killed herself in the dormitory.

Zahra was a young Afghan girl who has just completed her studies in Veterinary Sciences Faculty of Kabul University. She committed suicide after allegedly her monograph was rejected on several occasions by her professor.

The issue rised concerns of Afghan parliamentarians as they urge prosecution of individuals involved in the case.

“Zahra’s monograph was being rejected on several occasions which shows bigoted attitudes of the professors,” said Nasrullah Sadiqi Nelizada, an MP. “Such professors have created a lot of problems for thousands of young students.”

He said those who were involved in Zahra’s self-murder case should be prosecuted.

The First Deputy Speaker of  Parliament, Humayoun Humayoun, however, stated that discrimination is equal to terrorism and “the issue of Zahra Khawari is related to commission on religious and cultural affairs, it should pursue [the case] and reveal the outcomes.”

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