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Wolesi Jirga rejects the Final Expenditure Report for Afghan Year 1392

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2014)

On Saturday session Wolesi Jirga (The Lower House of Parliament) rejected the final expenditure report for 1392 fiscal year on solar calendar due to violation, incapability and procrastination in spending the ordinary and developmental budgets by budgetary units.

The legislators decided to introduce those budgetary units who have violated the law to be prosecuted.

Sadiqizada Nili, a member of the Financial and Budget Committee of the House evaluated those budgetary unites who have spend 60 percent of their budget lines as satisfactory administrations, and unites who have spend over 40 percent as weak administrations.

There are 10 budgetary units who have spent their budgets in contrary with the law:

  1. Office of Administrative Affairs & Council of Ministers Secretariat                4 violations
  2. Presidential Guard Department                                             2 violations
  3. Ministry of Defense (MoD)                                                     1 violations
  4. Ministry of Finance                                                                 5 violations
  5. Ministry of Frontier Affairs                                                     1 violations
  6. Ministry of Transportation                                                     1 violations
  7. Ministry of Higher Education’s                                               1 violations
  8. Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs                                             5 violations
  9. Independent Election Commission (IEC)                                1 violations
  10. Supreme Court                                                                       1 violations

In addition, there are another 13 budgetary units who have violations in their expenditures.

According to the House final conclusion the administrations who have violated the law must be prosecuted by judicial organizations, and those who were incapable to spend their lines must not be nominated to any position by the new government.

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