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Wolesi Jirga rejects president’s decree on electoral reforms

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2016)


The Wolesi Jirga or the lower house of parliament has rejected the president Ghani’s decree on electoral reforms with the majority of votes on Monday.

A number of representative in parliament have said that the decree submitted to the Wolesi Jirga with a long-term delay and contrary to the constitution and the government does not have the ability to hold the election.

“We do not confirm any decree contrary to the constitution. The government submitted the decree with delay and its decree has not legitimacy,” Abdul Qader Zazay, representative of Kabul in parliament said.

MPs opposing the decree argue that it should be rejected, because it was not sent to the parliament within the exact time, as stipulated in the constitution.

But, a number of other parliament members severely criticized the rejection of this decree; citing the decision was taken without fully reviewing the law and its benefits for electoral reforms.

“We should think to legitimize the electoral institutions, set aside the small issues and address the faith of electoral reforms that is a serious need,” said Fawzia Koofi, representative of Badakhshan in parliament.

With parliament’s rejection of the legislative decree, the electoral reform efforts had to start all over again.

Afghanistan’s electoral reform process, that was supposed to be a precondition for the next ballot, has been excruciatingly slow and has culminated in a watered-down version of its original mandate. The delays mean that it has by now become practically impossible to hold elections this year.

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