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Wolesi Jirga elects members for joint parliamentary commission

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2016)

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Wolesi Jirga -the lower house of parliament after two weeks of bargaining finally succeed to introduce the ten members of joint parliamentary election with the majority of votes on Monday.

Parliament’s first deputy speaker emphasized on brining reforms in electoral bodies by the government and the upcoming elections should be held according to people’s demands.

“Reforms should be according to the constitutions and national interests,” said Zahir Qadir, first deputy speaker of parliament.

Layluma Wali Hakami, representative of Kandahar said, “We want reforms and the elections should be held. But all the blames must not be on Wolesi Jirga, because there are many challenges that the government should solve them.”

Qudratullah Zaki, Sidiq Ahmad Osmani, Nadiya Babur Khail, Abdul Qader Zazay, Nesar Ahmad Ghoryani, Abaidullah Barikzai, Saleh Muhammad, Kubra Mustafawi, Muhammad Hashem Mahdawi and Sarwar Osmani are the ten members elected for the joint parliamentary election.

Prviously, president Ashraf Ghani had issued two legislative decrees on electoral reforms, but the lower house of parliament rejected both.

The first decree was also rejected by the Meshrano Jirga , but the upper house approved the second one last month.

Due to differences in the Senate over approval of the decree, the issue was referred to a joint parliamentary team.

Article 100 of the Constitution says: “If one house rejects a decision of the other, a joint commission comprised of an equal number of members from each shall be formed to resolve the differences. The decision of the commission, after endorsement by the president, shall be enforced.”

The upper house of parliament has already chosen its seven members for the team. They are Hasibullah Kalimzai, Maulvi Mohiuddin Munsif, Mohammad Hassan Hotak, Farhad Sakhi, Aziz Musleh, Anarkali Hunaryar and Seddiqa Balkhi.

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