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WJ summoned Officials to justify issues in the University Entrance Exams

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2015)


Wolesi Jirga – The House of Representatives summoned the acting minister of Higher Educations on lack of transparency at the university entrance exam on Saturday.

MPs are demanding serious attention to the problems students are currently challenged with for admissions.

Breshna Raba a member of the House said,” Answer keys were distributed before the examination, this Kankoor was organized unfairly and the girls should be able to transfer themselves to other universities because they cannot study in dangerous and insecure areas”.

University entrance examination has been changed to a business between the governmental officials and it will never be resolved,” Badakhshan representative Fawzia Kofee said.

Officials at the Ministry of Higher Educations (MoHE) admit issues on the university entrance exam, but accusing the powerful local figures and officials for influencing the exam and providing the opportunity for frauds in a number of provinces.

Mohammad Osman Babury acting minister of higher educations stated,” there were specific issues resulted the examination to be undesirable, especially the lack of cooperation by local officials in provincial level and influence of the local powerful men”.

Officials further added that relocating from one university to another university is not possible, but only for female students with regard to the number they have obtained on the exam.

Minister Babury noted that they have assigned a commission to investigate the issues and find the resolutions and the House of Representatives also tasked the cultural and religious commission of the House to oversee the commission assigned by MoHE.

Reported by: Abdul Aziz Karimi

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