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WJ Speaker pledges NUG leaders to put differences aside, work together

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2015)

live date 13 april 0016.avi_snapshot_02.02_[2015.04.13_15.55.32]Five nominees introduced their future work plans to Wolesi Jirga (The Lower House of Parliament) members on Monday.

At the beginning of the session the House Speaker Abdul Rauf Ebrahimi said that people are worried about disagreements between the President and CEO over the candidate for defense minister and other key positions.

People are really worried about the Presidential Palace and Chief Executive Office disputes over the Ministry of Defense and other key positions.”

Ebrahimi pledges the National Unity Government leaders to end the conflict and work for the improvement of the country.

Afterwards; Abdul Satar Murad nominee for ministry of economics, Hamayoun Rasa nominee for ministry of commerce and industries, Abdul Razaq Wahidi nominee for ministry of communications & Information Technology, Asadullah Zameer nominee for ministry of agriculture & livestock and Ali Ahmad Osmani nominee for ministry of water and energy in turn presented their programs to convince MPs to cast a vote of confidence for their candidacy and eligibility.

Murad comprehensively described his plans for ministry of economics and called corruption as the biggest social cancer in Afghan society which needs to be eliminated from governmental organization and further vowed to support and encourage private sector to enhance Afghanistan’s economy.

I will struggle to grab the political support of the governmental institutions to strengthen this ministry, because there was no attention to the National Development Strategy in the past,” Murad said.

Rassa the nominee for ministry of commerce and industries vowed to support investment opportunities for domestic and international businessmen.

He said,” We will review and revise the policies, strengthen the structures, increase facilities for industrial products and will bring reforms in the systems”.

Wahidi the nominee for ministry of communications and IT said his plan is to deliver good services for the public and the governmental administration by providing internet services.

“Technical, scientific and economic solutions are included in our program, circulating fiber optic cables to enhance telecommunication systems is on our priority,” Wahidi promised.

The nominees for ministry of agriculture & livestock and ministry of water & energy promised to priorities providing the electricity and safe foods for the people on their plans.

Zameer said,” ensuring food safety is our top priority, we have less access to cereals and we will need about 6.5 million tons of cereals for the next five years”.

He further added my commitment is to bring reforms, meritocracy and provide employment opportunities for youth and women.

Osmani the nominee for ministry of water and energy said,” we will establish programs for the development of agriculture and energy production and also I have scientific plans to control our water and produce enough power for the goodness of the people”.

The NUG leaders introduced 16 ministers after six months of tensions and so far eleven ministers have described their plans to Wolesi Jirga (the Lower House of Parliament) members.

Lawmakers will put ballot boxes to cast their vote for the ministers approval or disapproval probably on the upcoming Saturday.

Reported by: Abdul Aziz Karimi

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