WJ: Putting Cabinet further off demonstrates the NUG failure

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2015)

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Lawmakers are demanding urgent announcement of remained cabinet members, calling delays a big failure of the NUG.

Wolesi Jirga – The House of Representatives Deputy Secretary Irfanullah Irfan said in an interview with Ariana News,” Yet, the NUG has failed to introduce the cabinet members, unfortunately they could not build a powerful and strong government so far”.

President Ghani who was delivering a speech at the inauguration ceremony of Afghanistan’s Parliament new session promised to introduce the remained cabinet members after the House of Representatives finalized their administrative board members elections for approval.

Afghan Parliament cast their votes to the new administrative members on Sunday at the start of their new session, now calling on the government to announce the new ministers as soon as possible.

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MP Fawzia Koofi highlighted,” Now we have elected the administrative members of the House, and the government must end the long awaiting expectations. The government should start their activities to provide service to people so the government found its legitimacy as well”.

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Habiba Danish another member of the House believes if the government continues to delay the announcement of the cabinet, the NUG will lose its credibility and reputation before international community.

If we could not solve the cabinet issues, the NUG credibility will end in front of international community members, all activities have been delayed and people are facing lots of challenges currently,” MP Danish said.

The NUG named 25 cabinet members after a long period before MPs go to a 45-day winter break, but MPs approved only eight ministers and the Head of Afghanistan National Directorate of Security (NDS).

Currently 17 ministries including Afghanistan Central Bank is managed by acting-ministers.

Reported by: Abdul Aziz Karimi

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