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WJ: As Storming Kundoz, Armed Oppositions Seek For A Bargain

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2015)

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The Lower House of Parliament- Wolesi Jirga (WJ) say that the president and security agencies have failed to provide security; calling for impeachment of security sectors officials.

Increase of insecurity and attack on Kundoz by the armed Taliban raised concerns of Wolesi Jirga members that they have collected signatures for impeachment of security officials.

“Unfortunately, from President to security officials, all have been failed to provide security. We don’t have any choice except impeachment of officials,” Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, chairman of WJ said.

In the meantime, some of the representatives warned of serious threats in northern parts of Afghanistan with collapse of Kundoz province; citing President Ghani as the supreme head of the armed forces is responsible regarding the issue.

“Kundoz came under attack, the president must attempt to defend the people,” Abdul Rahman Sheydani, representative of Bamyan said.

“The war reached to all areas of Kundoz which is a big shame for the system. We cannot provide the security with presence of foreign and internal forces. There has been a transaction in Kundoz,” Naqibullah Fayeq, representative of Faryab said.

WJ members claim that a deal has been carried out in Kundoz between the armed oppositions and government.

The security situation has deteriorated in Kunduz since last year. The head of the provincial council estimated that more than 65 percent of the province is under Taliban control.

Kunduz has had the worst security environment of any province in the north for the past few years. And within this province there are several districts that are particularly notable for the intractable conflicts raging within them.

The current fighting in Kunduz was preceded by major Taliban attacks in the districts of Chahar Darah and Dasht-i-Archi. The Taliban took control of the districts during the fighting. It is unclear if Afghan forces have since regained full control of the areas.

Kunduz province is an exceptionally complex region of Afghanistan where the presence of numerous factions and a diverse population have made it nearly impossible for any one force to control the entire province. This pattern has been seen since 1992, re-enforced immediately after 2001 and continuing in recent years as violence has escalated.

Insecurity in the provinces of Afghanistan is due to the lack of job opportunities, youth are being used by political groups, the government should pay more attention to this issue, as unemployment rates will increase, more youth will join illegal armed groups or insurgents.








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