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Without Security Holding Election Is ‘Meaningless’: Senators

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2018)

Expressing concerns regarding the deteriorating security in several provinces, a number of Afghan senators on Sunday said if the government does not ensure security, holding election will be “meaningless” in the country.

The senators stressed that some provinces are on the verge of collapse into the hands of armed groups and that the government should prioritize maintaining security of the people attending to vote in the upcoming elections which are scheduled to be held on October 20.

“Several provinces are at the risk of collapse and the election commission is about to hold the election. When we don’t have security, no election could be held [in the country],” said Senator Farhad Sakhi said.

“Insecurity is a major challenge in front of the election, and the influence of mafia and powerful individuals is worrying. It could challenge the democracy,” said Senator Gul Ahmad Azeemi.

Mohammad Alam Ezadiyar, the first deputy speaker of the Senate House or Meshrano Jirga, meanwhile, said the government obliged to maintain security of the people and that it has failed in this regard so far.

“The government has the responsibility to pay heed to people and ensure stability, particularly in the provinces which are under high-security threats,” he said. “The concerns of the people should be addressed in this regard.”

Senators stressed that if the government does not adopt a clear strategy to address the security concerns of the people, it will lose the public trust.

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