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White House Wants Candidates Accept Audit Result

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2014)


White House has once again asked both the Afghan candidates to accept the result of audit of votes cast in the election runoff.

Spokesman of US State Department, Jen Psaki, has said the United States hoped both the Afghan Presidential candidates remain committed to the electoral process and respect the final result.

Stressing the need for a government of national unity as agreed between the two rivals, Psaki declared Washington was making every effort to put an end to the Afghan election crises.

“We expect the candidates and their supporters remain committed to the electoral process and results of the process. And we try to help both the candidates finish the deadlock.”

However, dialogues on a national unity government have failed between both candidates and all the efforts seem to have been useless.

Abdullah Abdullah has warned he would never accept result of what he believes fake votes cast in the second round of Presidential election.

Abdullah urges his demands must be fulfilled but his rival Ashraf Ghani refuses his demands as illegal.

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