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White House Speculates on Trump’s Policy Toward Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2016)


President-Elect Trump has not provided an explanation of his policy towards Afghanistan, the White House said.

White House Spokesperson Josh Earnest stated that President-Elect Donald Trump has not provided a comprehensive explanation about his incoming Administration’s policy toward Afghanistan during his electoral campaign.

“I don’t recall having heard President Trump speaks extensively about his view and US policy toward Afghanistan, but it is not clear to me exactly what sort of preferences or views he is articulating with regard to our policy toward Afghanistan. I would put this in the category of other important form policy decision to the next President will have to make and to ensure that he is affectively positioned to make a good smart decision that is consistence with our national interests,” said Josh Earnest, White House spokesman.

Josh Earnest has assured that the new president will be provided with all the information required about Afghanistan.

“President Obama and his national security team will ensure that President Trump and his team have access to all of the information that is necessary to make future decisions about US policy and the region of the world. The next President will certainly benefit from the kind of informed carefully considered advice from the military, diplomatic and intelligence communities which have been very focused on US policy in Afghanistan,” Earnest added.

He also considered the effect of Trump’s decision about Afghanistan effective on US policy in the region and US troops.

“The kinds of decision to the next president who make will have significant impact on our foreign policy, and will have a significant impact on the thousands of US service members that are currently serving Afghanistan and countering the threats that emanate from Afghanistan,” Earnest noted.

Reported by: Nazira Karimi, Washington DC

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