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We Review Corruption Cases with All-Encompassing: Attorney General

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2017)

1The Afghanistan Attorney General Farid Hameedi held a consultative meeting with media outlets to raise the awareness of the Afghans at the entire country on fighting against corruption on Wednesday, saying Government of Afghanistan has serious commitments to review the corruption cases with all-encompassing at all levels in the country.

Attorney General Farid Hameedi said, “ The serious commitments of the Afghan Government is fight against corruption, we are committed to fight against it, and review all the corruption cases with so all-encompassing, corruption is not acceptable at any level, we will practice the promises made and not yet implemented.”

Further he went on and declared the role of the media in raising the Afghans awareness vital and important, if media do not disseminate the right information the presence of the justice- judicial departments fighting corruption will not be sufficient.

“Only having good laws and centers fighting corruption is not acceptable, people should have information about laws and regulations, media can play important role in raising the awareness of the people.” Attorney General Farid Hameedi said.

He insisted that all the cases will be reviewed specially the correspondent’s cases, no pressures will stop us from reviewing it.

The remarks come after that the International community insist on eradication and speeding up the fighting process against corruption in Afghanistan.

During the inauguration of the Anti-Corruption and justice center the United Kingdom Ambassador to Afghanistan Dominic Jeremy had said,” I care about corruption in Afghanistan.”

He had insisted that we need to see actions against corruption at all levels, that’s why United Kingdom has particularly supported the National Unity Government drive to establish the anti corruption justice center.

Reported by: Rafi Sediqee

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