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Afghanistan War Is ‘Far From Over’, Hakimi Says

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2016)


Officials from Donor Countries to Afghanistan gathered in Presidential Palace to review the issues of Aid to Afghanistan and Corruption.

The Minister of Finance, Iklil Hakimi who co-chaired the event, expressed concerns over the long term of war in Afghanistan.

He said, “We have indeed come along way, but the fight is far from over, Afghanistan needs you(r) continued support to defeat and dismantle our common enemy.”

Donor countries have expressed concern over the existence of corruption in Afghanistan and have insisted that serious efforts be undertaken to resolve the problem.

US Deputy Ambassador Steve B. said, “Corruption can impact the capabilities of the ANDSF to fight when corrupt individuals sell weapons; corruption facilitates human rights abuses and organized crime.”

The Minister of Finance stated that fifteen cases of corruption have been registered, while eight of the cases were reviewed by Anti Corruption Justice Center (ACJS). The remaining cases were referred to the Office of the Attorney General for further processing.

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