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We Have Been Autonomous in Peace Talks: Taliban

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2019)

According to a member of the Taliban’s negotiating delegation, the peace agreement will be signed and publicized in the presence of the international community, regional countries, and media after being finalized.

“The agreement will be revealed in presence of the international testifiers once finished,” said Suhail Shahin, a member of the Taliban’s negotiating delegation.

Though the repeated rejection of the direct talks with the Afghan government by the Taliban has questioned their independence, Shahin stresses that they have been autonomous in their talks with the United States.

“Based on our policy, we have had independent talks without consulting with others since the beginning of our negotiations with the United States,” said Shahin.

However, the Afghan government says that no agreement would be practical if the Taliban do not accept the values in Afghanistan’s Constitution.

“The Afghan government and people cannot be deceived by the mean and unclear slogans unless the Taliban clearly accept the Constitutional Values like republicanism, elections, freedom of speech, and the real women’s rights,” said Sarwar Danish, the Second Vice-president.

Though it is expected that the Taliban and the United States reach a peace agreement in a month, the result of the peace efforts is uncertain.

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