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We Don’t Want Pakistan to Determine Our Destination:Mps

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2015)


A number of members of the lower house of the parliament have accused Pakistan for interfering in Afghanistan’s affairs and willing to position its own Shadow Government in Afghanistan.

They have also criticized that Government doesn’t have clear policy towards Pakistan to stop the interfering of Pakistani officials.

Mp Zakeria Zakeria said,” Pakistan officials behind the closed doors together with USA-Britain is willing to determine the destination of Afghanistan, which we do not accept that.”

National Unity Government doesn’t have good management, no clear strategy to tackle this issue, once it calls Pakistan as friend but the other day Pakistan is the enemy of Afghanistan Zaheer Saadat the other Afghan law maker in the lower house of the parliament stated.

However some of the other Afghan Mps have declared the mutual relationships in between Kabul-Islamabad full of doubts.

Mp Gul padshah Majeedi urged that we were expecting USA to slap Pakistan for supporting terrorism in the region and Afghanistan, unexpectedly he was welcomed with open arms by the US President Barak Obama,therefore USA should make it clear its position against Afghanistan.

The following reactions come after Pakistan Prime Minister during his four day trip to USA has told to media that Pakistan cant kill Taliban at the same bring them behind the negotiation table.

Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi


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