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We Demand Operation: Kunduz Provincial Council Members

(Last Updated On: March 01, 2017 7:04 pm)

1Kunduz provincial council members demanded the Government to launch a clearance immediate operation against Taliban before they retake morale, Taliban lost their Shadow Governor  Mawlawe Abdul Salam for Kunduz several days ago.

Kunduz provincial council member ZarGul Alemi said, “If the central Government doesn’t pay attention to the current situation of Kunduz, we will witness same critical situation as we did in the past.”

Kunduz provincial council member Assadullah Saadat said, “The current condition of Kunduz is full of concerns, we have witnessed collapsing of our province twice to the hands of Taliban.”

Meanwhile Kunduz security Chief Abdul Hameed Hameedi said, “During the operations 115 insurgents were killed, and injured, we use different tactics to launch operations, in some parts group operations will be launched and in some part commando operations considering the landscape and seasonal time and as Afghan National Army launched air operations 11 insurgents were killed and one artillery 82, Dahshake and one Toyota corolla car were destroyed.”

The remarks of the Kunduz provincial council members come after that Taliban gained control of Tala wa Barfak district of Baghlan province after hours of offensives.

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