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War Victims Are Marginalized in Peace Talks:Nabil

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2019)

Rahmatullah Nabil, a presidential candidate, in his first day of electoral campaigns concerning the peace efforts say that Taliban should negotiate with the Afghan people inside the country to end the war.

Addressing in his electoral campaign in Kabul, Nabil describes the Doha peace efforts in absence of the war victims worrying.

“At the moment, the discussions are going on about peace in Qatar. Though we have been the victims, we are not involved in the process. I ask the Taliban to begin negotiating with the Afghan government in one of the country’s provinces; that is when peace comes,” he said.

Moreover, Nabil’s supporters consider the National Unity Government’s functions failed during the past five years by raising the red cards in the campaign.

“The government leaders did not fulfill their promises. We come with different thought for solving people’s problems. We do not deceive the public and everyone [the candidates] should become ready for the debates,” said Nabil.

Preventing the interference of foreigner countries, ending the despotism, solving the security forces’ challenges and reforming the judicial and judicial institutions are the most important plans of the ‘Security and Justice’ electoral ticket.

This comes as the lack of the presidential candidates’ interest to the electoral campaigns has arisen concerns in the country.

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