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War in Afghanistan-Iraq Costs US Nearly $ 4 Trillion: Kerry

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2016)

??????????????United States secretary of state John Kerry said we’ve spent more than 3 trillion fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, fighting against Daesh and Al-Qaida is the priority of the US Government.

Based on the estimations Afghanistan war was costly for USA.

He said, “Remember, the most expensive peace is still cheaper than the least expensive war. And we’ve spent more than 3 trillion fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, so when we really need the money, we can find the money, the question isn’t about resources. It’s about priorities.”

Further he went on and said, “The fighting we see today is going to be hard. It’s going to be bloody. But I am absolutely confident about our ability to reduce Daesh as we did al-Qaida by the way in Afghanistan and as we have now in Libya and elsewhere. This is a constant fight. It’s a challenge, and I’ll speak in a moment about that challenge. But I am confident that our success is going to make an enormous dent in Daesh’s credibility and in its effort to portray itself as a winner.”

The US diplomat has declared the 15 years of achievements in Afghanistan satisfactory.

“We have to connect the dots between an Afghanistan where the 9/11 attacks were conceived and an Afghanistan where the number of girls attending school now has risen by a factor of 12. Since we went there in 2001 when there were about a million kids – just a little less – kids in school, all of them were boys, almost all of them. Today there are 9 million kids in school in Afghanistan and about 40 to 45 percent of them are girls. It’s an extraordinary transition.” United States secretary of state John Kerry said.

Though the United States secretary of state John Kerry justification about US war in Afghanistan is optimism, still it’s said that Afghan people have not experienced peace, but pressures of war and poverty were over loaded on the Afghan shoulders.

Reported by: Zaher Qadiri




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