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Wakhan’s District Governor Suspended Over Sexual Abuse Accusation

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2019)

Abdulmarouf Khairkhah, the District Governor of Wakhan district, has been suspended over the sexual abuse allegation of an Australian tourist woman, says the Spokesperson of Badakhshan Governor.  

An Australian spouse entered Afghanistan from Tajikistan to visit the Pamir (Bam-e-Donya) during the Ramadan Month.

The woman has written to the border police of Badakhshan in a letter that Khairkhah noticed her and her husband that their bedrooms should be separate during the month of Ramadan.

According to her, Khairkhah entered her bedroom during the night and sexually abused her.

However, Khairkhah describes the allegation on himself as a plot made by some of the Afghan circles who are in Tajikistan. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior says that the investigations regarding the claim have begun.

“This case is seriously under investigation in the province and we follow it too. We will share the result of our investigations once they are done,” said Nasrat Rahimi, the Spokesperson of Interior Ministry.

The sexual abuse of a foreigner citizen by a government official is assumed to be unprecedented although the sexual favor allegations on ARG in exchange for the high-rank positions have increased recently.

Ramin Atiqzada, an official of the Tourism Deputy of the Information and Culture Ministry, says that if the allegations are proved, Afghanistan will be negatively introduced to the foreigner tourists.

This comes as over a thousand national and foreigner tourists come to Badakhshan every year to visit the natural landscapes and Pamir; this makes a great source of income for the indigenous residents.

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