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VP Danish Urges UN to Blacklist Those Targeting Journalists

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2018)

The Second Vice President Sarwar Danish on Thursday urged the United Nations to add name of those armed oppositions to the blacklist who have been involved in killing of journalists in Afghanistan.

Speaking at a press conference on occasion of  World Press Freedom Day in Kabul,  Danish urged the UN to put names of those armed oppositions to blacklist who have been involved in killing of journalists in his war-torn country.

He said that the government has not received a response despite of repeated calls for peace with the Taliban and their supporters, and that the ongoing fight should continue with the group.

He said there is a need to “comprehensively”  support the Afghan security forces for suppressing and defeating the enemies in the battleground.

Considering freedom of expression as one of the government’s major achievements, the Deputy Minister of the Information and Culture said that the armed oppositions cannot stop media activities in the country.

“Freedom of speech is improving in Afghanistan despite of being a war-torn country and some neighboring countries don’t want this [development],” said Sayed Fazel Aqa Sancharaki, who is also a member of Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC).

This comes days after at least 10 journalists were killed and eight others wounded in multiple attacks across Afghanistan, including a twin suicide bombing in Kabul on Monday that left at least 25 killed including nine journalists.

“The United Nations stands in full solidarity with the journalists, a representative of UNAMA in Kabul said. ” We will continue to support the Afghan government with its efforts to implement measures that improve journalists’ safety and that foster open society and free media where no voice is silenced through guns, bombs and fear.”

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