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VP Danish Calls for National Mobilization Campaign against Illiteracy

(Last Updated On: December 05, 2017 8:21 pm)

Sarwar Danish, the Second Vice President on Tuesday said than more than 60 percent of Afghan population is Illiterate and there is a need for national mobilization to reduce its numbers.

Speaking during a session organized by the National Literacy Committee on Tuesday in Kabul, Danish said that the government has the responsibility to take practical steps in fight against illiteracy in the country.

“The government’s main duty is to make efforts for eradication of illiteracy and to form a national mobilization,” Danish said who also chairs the National Literacy Committee.

The Second Vice President, however, stressed that the national mobilization could not be achieved without the support of religious scholars and media outlets. “Every government institution is responsible to hold literacy classes and participate in national mobilization,” he added.

 Officials at the Ministry of Education, meanwhile, said that the government should consider further financial support for reducing the level of illiteracy in the country.

“The budget for literacy in the country is very less and there is a need for allocation of more budget in order to reduce the numbers of illiteracy in the country which is more than 60 percent,” said Sardar Mohammad Rahimi, the Deputy Minister of Education for Literacy.

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