Voters Registration Materials Reach to Centers of Eight Provinces

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2019)

The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) said on Sunday that the election materials for voters registration have reached to the centers of eight provinces.

These provinces include Parwan, Panjshir, Paktia, Khost, Ghazni, Nooristan, and Maidan Wardak.

IEC added that the materials will be transferred to the district centers and villages of these provinces on Monday.

In addition, IEC said that the preparations are ongoing for the Ghazni parliamentary elections and the registration of voters will be kicked off in 247 centers of the province.

Regarding the upcoming presidential and provincial council elections, IEC said that the registration of eligible voters or those who could not register themselves during the October parliamentary elections will be started on June 8.

“Needed materials for the beginning of the voters’ registration process was sent to eight provinces so that we can start the registration process on June 8,” said Zabihullah Sadat, Deputy Spokesperson of the IEC.

The Ghazni parliamentary election is scheduled to be held on the same day of presidential elections on September 28.

However, there are doubts about the capability of the IEC to manage the presidential, provincial and district councils and Ghazni parliamentary elections all at the same time.

“Considering all the existing capacities and political will inside IEC, holding a transparent election relatively can be possible but we are not optimistic about it,” said Ghulam Hussain Nasseri, an MP from Kabul.

This comes as the upcoming elections are going to be held in lack of biometric system as announced by IEC due to the absence of enough time.

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