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Volunteers join ANA recruiting centers despite causalities

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2015)


Although, Afghan security forces causalities have increased during the last one year, but the number of volunteer soldiers have been increased, a military official told on Wednesday.

Officials say thousands of Afghan youths have referred to ANA recruiting centers in different provinces of Afghanistan during the last two weeks to join the army.

“Youths are joining voluntarily in groups, during the last ten days we have recruited about 2,300 volunteers,” Mohammad Ebrahim Ahmadzai ANA recruiting center commander said.

The fresh soldiers will be trained in Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC), they will join in the battlefields to replace those soldiers who quit the army or being injured or killed in military operations across the country.

Jawid, a volunteer soldier from southern Helmand province addressing the Afghan youths said,” instead of working in foreign countries they have to serve in their own country”.

Amin, another volunteer soldier from western Herat province pledged,” I’m ready to defend my country to insure security and bring stability, people must live with happiness, go to schools, study and build the country”.


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