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Violence Reduction – Details

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2020)

In accordance with the plan of ‘violence reduction’, the Taliban’s daily attacks will decrease from 75 to 15. They will not attack highways, cities, US bases and key Afghan military spots.  

Sources have shared parts of the ‘violence reduction’ plan with Ariana News. Based on the plan, Afghan forces will be on standby.


Some details of the ‘violence reduction’ 7-day term read as under:

  1. Taliban’s daily attacks will decrease from 75 to 15.
  2. Taliban will not attack cities, highways, US bases and Afghan forces’ headquarters.
  3. Afghan forces will not launch any offensive operations.
  4. The Resolute Support Mission will not conduct any offensive operations. However, if the Afghan forces come under attack, the RS will support.
  5. A joint – US-Afghan forces – monitoring cell will monitor the Taliban’s commitments versus offensives, and contact the Taliban’s political office in Doha in case of violation.
  6. Afghan forces will be on standby and will rapidly respond to any attacks of the Taliban that violate the RIV term.

Sayed Akbar Agha, a former Taliban member, says, “The exact time of ‘violence reduction’ is not clear, but the election tensions may possibly affect it.”

Meanwhile, the presidential palace has not explained the ‘violence reduction’ plan and procedure; however, earlier it has said that Afghan security officials, in coordination with Scott Miller, commander of the NATO-US forces in Afghanistan, had been working on a plan of action to manage the ‘violence reduction’.

Atiqullah Amarkhil, a former military veteran, says, “Violence reduction does not make sense; war makes sense; ceasefire makes sense.”

Reports indicate that if the 7-day ‘violence reduction’ probationary period ends successfully, intra-Afghan talks will be commenced.

Moreover, Suhail Shaheen, the spokesperson for the political office of the Taliban in Qatar, has said in an interview that in a day or two, the time for ‘violence reduction’ and the signing of the agreement with the US, will be determined.

Shaheen has added that ‘talking to the Afghan government’ and ‘ceasefire’ are not included in the agreement that is going to be signed between them and the US; what’s included is to negotiate with the parties involved in the war.

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