Violence erupt between two illegal armed groups in Takhar

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2016)

combine_imagesClashes between two irresponsible militant groups erupted in Rustaq district of Takhar province on Wednesday morning.

Provincial police chief Noor Muhammad Hakimi confirmed the confrontation said loyalists of a former provincial council member who was killed in an armed attack by his opponent on April 2016 have staged a protest demanding justice.

The demonstration turned violent when they clashed with another ex-Jihadi leader supporters named Pairam Qul, he added.

Later today, Provincial governor spokesman Sunatullah Taimor in a phone call told Ariana News that at least one person was killed and one was wounded in the clashes still continuing.

Pairam Qul is a former local commander of Junbish-Meli-Islami and member of parliament from Takhar who killed his opponent Ainuddin Rustaqi in armed clashes over the tensions existed between them from the past.

Takhar is among the volatile provinces in northeastern part of Afghanistan where illegal armed militant groups are active and have clashed with each other in several incidents.

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