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Violence Against Women Law needs Serious Review:MPs

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2014)

Eng 3Lower house of the parliament has decided to re-review the two controversial laws of the Higher Education and Violence against Women in coming days.

Several laws have been suspended including Higher Education and Violence against Women due to some Linguistic, religious and traditional issues in lower and upper houses of the parliament and yet the both houses to be able to pass the following laws.

MPs have been able to pass the code of Higher education in the past several years because of some of the controversial words in Dari and Pashtu the common languages which are being spoken on daily basis at the entire country by its Nation, the following words have caused the MPs not to overcome the issues.

The secretariat of the MPs Urfanullah Urfan has declared the behavior of the MPs in the house against the existed Islamic law and National interests.

The Higher education code is made of seven chapters and eighty articles, however the violence against Women law is having four chapters and 44 articles which have been endorsed by the decree of the President Hamid Karzai on 2009 due to some different points it was suspended.

Mr.Urfan has entitled the major reasons for not approving the following laws negative competition in between the MPs.

Lower house administrative officials have declared regrettable for taking long time for not approving of the following laws, they have said,” we have tasked a special committee to share the issues with Ulema and religious people in a joint session to find the better ways for approving the laws.”

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