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Violence Against Journalists Reduces 50 Percent in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2019)

The findings of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee shows that the violation against journalists has reduced 50 percent over the first six months in 2019.

Based on the findings, 45 violation cases have been recorded during the mentioned time which includes three cases of murder, six cases of injury, five cases of whipping, 19 cases of abuse, one case of illegal arrest, and one case of forced expulsion.

“The government officials have been the cause of 20 cases of violation and threat against the journalists. In addition, the Taliban and Daesh have been the cause of 8 cases, unknown people have been the cause of 8 cases, powerful people have been the cause of six cases, and the media officials have been the cause of three violations against the journalists,” said Najib Sharifi, the Chief of Afghan Journalists Safety Committee.

Meanwhile, the latest warning of the Taliban to media and the self-censorship of media and journalists are assumed to be great concerns for media in Afghanistan. 

“The latest warning of the Taliban made the media and journalists to censor themselves. This has caused that most of the media prefer not to broadcast the reports regarding the Taliban’s felonies,” said Sharifi.

“What is still considered to be the concern for journalists is the lack of safety,” said Zohra Sotuda, a journalist.

At the same time, the Attorney General Office Stresses that investigation of the violation cases against the journalists is its priority.

This comes as last year was the bloodiest year for the journalists in Afghanistan.

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