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Uzbek Citizens Among 13 ISIS Terrorists Killed in Airstrikes

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2018)

13 terrorists including two Uzbek citizens affiliated with the terror group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) locally known as Daesh were killed in coalition airstrikes , said local authorities of the Northern Jawzjan province.

According to Mr. Abdulhafiz Khashi, security head of Jawzjan Police Chief, the airstrikes were carried out in the restive Darzab district of the province.

He also said to Ariana News that no civilians were harmed in the airstrikes and that new equipped forces have been deployed to the battlefields.

The airstrikes comes after local officials expressed concerns over a significant ISIS surge and increasing foothold of the terrorists in Darzab district.

Halima Sadaf, a member of Jawzjan provincial council had previously stated that the district is practically under ISIS siege and asked for airstrikes in support of Afghan forces in the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Mr.  Khashi also confirmed that the capital of Darzab district still remains  under the terrorists siege and security forces are completely ready for counter-attack against the terrorists.

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