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USAID implements $200 million worth project in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: March 24, 2016)


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is implementing a project, worth a total of almost $ 200 million in Afghanistan.

Deputy of USAID says that the project is named “Promote” and will create many facilities for the growth of Afghan women.

Larry Sampler, deputy of USAID noted that despite the current challenges, their cooperation will be continued in various sectors of Afghanistan.

Sampler emphasized that USAID’s cooperation has focused more on business growth and employment of young people, particularly Afghan girls.

“The “Promote” project worth $200 million and will be completed up to the next five years,” said Larry Sampler, deputy of USAID.

He also stated that because Afghan women and girls need more attention, they will implement more projects in this field.

“We had a large number of projects in Afghanistan and currently we are cooperating with Kabul University as well as American University of Afghanistan. But our focus is more on education of Afghan women and girls,” Sampler added.

USAID boasts the world’s largest civilian assistance program to Afghanistan and plays a major role in rehabilitating the rural economy, developing financial organizations, increasing trade and exports, and repairing the infrastructure for energy, transport, and water services in Afghanistan.

It assists in building democratic institutions that can perform in a participatory, accountable and responsible manner and also helps Afghanistan in its efforts to build strong judicial, healthcare, and education systems that safeguard the rights of every Afghan citizen. 

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