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USAID Funds $ 100 Million for Afghanistan to implement 10 Indicators

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2016)

4Officials in Ministry of Finance have stated that US Government has provided $ 100 million for the 10 indicators to be implemented in Afghanistan and the aid will be paid by the USAID in coming 4 years.

Meanwhile representative of the United States Agency for International Development USAID stated that Brussels summit is the main factor that made Afghan leaders to meet commitments to receive the financial aid.

Minister of Finance Mohammad Iklil Hakimi said,” The following aid will paid for the implementation 10 reconstruction indicators each one costs $ 20 million, since we are in the middle of the fiscal year 5 indicators has been implemented and now we witness signing of receiving the $100 million.”

Ways of the implementation of the commitments by the Afghan Government will be reviewed by the USAID therefore US Government annually pays $ 200 million for Afghan Government.

“ US Government pays funds for Afghan Government and USAID reviews the ways of spending aids which were allocated for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, in the final phase the money will be added into our accounts Minister of Finance Mohammad Iklil Hakimi said,”

USAID representative William H for Afghanistan- Pakistan declared the earliest implementation of the commitments which were met by the Afghan Government was the Brussels summit.

He said,” While providing the Afghan Government opportunity and flexible assistance that enable it to lead its own development trajectory based on its own priorities, earlier this week, USAID completed a very robust verification process looking at verification of the indicators and associated results, under this trench 3 of the new development of the partnership for this year 2016, despite of incredibly busy season, as we prepared for the Brussels conference on Oct 5th the Government of Afghanistan was successful in completing these results early near the six months before agreed upon target date, after true verification, USAID and the Ministry of Finance have determined that the Government eligible to receive $ 100 million for the achievement of the results.”

Giving the Afghanistan air control to a reliable International company, Afghanistan supplies electronic payment system, efforts to ensure peace and safety for Women, bringing changes into the administrative reformation system, adjusting of the taxation law on incomes, drafting the provincial budget are the upcoming programs where the $ 100 million will be spent on.


Reported by Ali Asghari


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