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US will stop aids if Pakistan doesnt decisively combat terrorism

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2016)


Members in US congress have stated that we will stop military aids to Pakistan unless the following Government decisively launches necessary measurements on combating terrorism.

The US key members at the congress have declared that Pakistan will not received aids unless the following country truly combat against terrorists.

Head of the press in US state secretary office Elizabeth Tudor. said,” the US key congress members have declared that Pakistan will not receive aids unless it decisively combat against terrorism.”

Earlier US arms committee in lower house of the parliament has approved a document stating more military aids to be given to Pakistan.

Mp Basher Ahmad Tainj said,” Since Pakistan receives aids from US it utilizes for its own benefits which is supporting of extremisms in the region.”

“ If Pakistan doesn’t take combating against terrorism seriously , we demand US not only stop its military aids but also to enforce more sanctions Mp Zaheer Sadaat said,”

“We have spoken with Pakistani officials on combating against terrorism especially about Haqqani Network, they have stated that there is no different in between the Terrorism groups, we encourage terrorists to join peace process Head of US press office in secretary of state Elizabeth said,”

Afghanistan Presidential Deputy Spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashimi said,” Our stance is clear , we will welcome the International community who are trying to have clear position against Terrorism.”

The mutual ties of US-Pakistan have gone worst since Pakistan has failed to present Taliban into peace talks process, US Nation believe that Pakistan could play significant role on eradicating of Terrorism.

Reported by Fahim Noori


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