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US Welcomes Tripartite Talks on Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2017)

2bce7e8683000c931fcfe2373a37f1ab-600x400x1The US State Department has welcomed a three-way meeting between China, Russia and Pakistan about Afghanistan held in Moscow last week.

“What we welcome is any international effort to help Afghanistan become secure and more prosperous. And we continue to support, as we always have, an Afghan-led reconciliation process. We still believe that’s the right way to go here going forward. That hasn’t changed. And our support for President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah remains steadfast,” John Kirby, US State Department spokesman said.

Kirby added that Afghanistan has every right and responsibility to attend multilateral or bilateral discussions with other nations that are interested in the same goals that we are.

“Afghanistan as a nation-state has every right and every responsibility, quite frankly, for the betterment of their own people to have, whether it’s multilateral or bilateral, discussions with neighboring nations and nations that aren’t neighboring that are interested in the same goals that we are,” Kirby added.

Russia, China and Pakistan warned that the influence of the militant Islamic State (IS) was growing in Afghanistan and that the security situation there was deteriorating.

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