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US violates Afghanistan Sovereignty explicitly: Spanta

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2014)

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Afghanistan previous National Security Advisor, Rangin Dadfar Spanta intensively criticized the United States for handing over a senior Pakistani Taliban Leader, Latifullah Mahsoud to Pakistan and called it an explicit violation of Afghanistan sovereignty.

During a special interview with Ariana News Dr. Spanta said,” The U.S. military forces did not arrest Mahsoud during an operation against terror authorized by the UN Security Council, but they have taken him from Afghan government, Latifullah Mahsoud was supposed to be perpetrated and punished according to Afghan Law, if a third country (United States of America) handing Mahsoud over to Pakistan without Afghan Government permission, it is an explicit violation of Afghanistan sovereignty and against International Laws and Regulations.”

He emphasized that there are ambiguities regarding the U.S. fight against terrorists in Afghanistan during the last 13 years because they did not struggle to fight against terrorist as they were supposed to do.

“There is a serious ambiguity in the U.S. strategy to fight against terrorism which was a big matter of disagreement between Afghan government and the United States, The U.S. Government cannot distinguish or do not want to recognize the enemy or who is supporting the terrorists,” Spanta added.

Furthermore, he believes Afghan Security Forces have a high spirit and they are able to defend their country, but they need advanced military equipment to defeat terrorist to conquer their goals.

These statements come after Latifullah Mahsoud was surrendered to Pakistan by American forces without Afghan government being informed.

Latifullah had served as the deputy of the TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsood who was killed on a US airstrikes until he was arrested by Afghan Security Forces in Logar an eastern province in Afghanistan and recently handed over to Pakistan along with two other TTP men on Saturday.


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