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US to Stay in Afghanistan: Senator Rose

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2015)


A US delegation who visited Afghanistan’s Chief of Executive Abdullah Abdullah has stated that US Government will not leave Afghanistan unless Afghanistan quits its ties with USA.

US senator has urged that the ongoing war doesn’t belong to Afghanistan its also our war against terrorism.

They have insisted on strengthen of ties in between Kabul-Washington.

US senator Rose Lit who is the chief of foreign committee for Asia-Africa in US senate house has said,” US is interested to strengthen its ties with Afghanistan, we will not leave this country, we are committed on the ongoing war in Afghanistan because terrorism is our joint enemy.”

Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah responded that things have changed, but there are some challenges-opportunities ahead of both countries, we promise to stay with US shoulder to shoulder, we also appreciate the recent decision of US Government for keeping its troops to Afghanistan on 2016.

After the talks in between both US-Afghan officials ended Chief of executive deputy spokesman Jawid Faisal said,” parts of the speeches were equipping Afghan security forces, and exerting pressures on those countries supporting terrorisms in the region.”

Earlier Afghanistan had demanded for its troops to be well equipped with heavy guns, and improving of its military air forces, US Government has promised to deliver 20 jet fighters by the end of 2018.

Reported by FarahNaz Frotan

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