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US-Taliban to sign Afghanistan peace agreement: Trump

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2020)

Donald Trump, in an interview with an American radio network, underlined that the US was very close to signing the peace agreement with the Taliban. This comes as according to some Arabic and American media reporting, the Taliban officials wrote that the leading council of the Taliban approved the 7-day violence reduction, but the starting date of the plan is not yet determined.

Trump views the Qatar discussions as a good opportunity to end the war and withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. He said that a possible peace deal was imminent.

Trump said that they were working on a peace agreement with the Taliban to withdraw their troops as soon as possible adding that he viewed the Talks as a good opportunity to reach an agreement.

Mike Pompeo, US secretary of the state, said that there were significant improvements in the peace process, and the details would be publicized in two weeks.

This comes as Mark Esper, the secretary of defense said in Brussels that the US and the Taliban had discussed over a “one-week violence reduction”. He added that the best and only way for Afghanistan was a political solution saying that he was hopeful to provide more in the matter soon.

On the other hand, there are reports about the Taliban will agree to a 7-day violence reduction deal, but it is not certain when exactly the US and the Taliban will act upon it.

The Afghanistan administration seems to be optimistic about the latest improvements in the peace talks.

Wahid Omar, the senior advisor to President Ghani said, “Both the laterals are reaching to an agreement that will bring ceasefire.”

Sources say, with the announcement of the ‘violence reduction’ agreement, thousands of the Taliban fighters will be simultaneously released from detentions… If the ‘violence reduction’ period goes right, the peace agreement will be signed between the US and the Taliban, the US troops will leave Afghanistan, and the Intra-Afghan Peace Talks will start.

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