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US should focus more on terrorist hideouts: Senate

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2016)

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If the International Community, particularly the United States really want to provide peace and stability for Afghanistan, the terrorist safe havens should be targeted by them, the Senate House said Tuesday.

Eliminating terrorist safe havens has been a central component of U.S. counterterrorism policy since 2001. The issue has recently received renewed attention of Afghanistan Senate House.

A number of Afghan senators declared that the Peace process between the government and Taliban group had no result so far and there are many obstacles against this process.

The senators urge the National Unity Government (NUG) to be careful in the peace process and do not victimized any achievements in this process.

“When Afghanistan would have peace that the international community and America seriously want to make efforts in targeting the terrorist safe havens and dry the roots of these groups outside the country,” Senator Abdul Latif Nehzat Yar said.

Safe havens do not automatically emerge in certain environments; they emerge based on the interaction between host government political will and capability.

In assessing whether The United States and the international community are willing and able to eliminate the havens in Afghanistan, it is critical to recognize that they are not monolithic actors.

Meanwhile, a number of other senators stressed on eliminating the obstacles of the peace process to have a result.

“The National Unity Government must eliminate the barriers of peace process and gives the responsibility of the process to neutral parties,” Senator Gul Ahmad Azami said.

With the fighting season just starting, it was really encouraging news that there would be some development regarding the peace talks and there may be efforts directed towards a ceasefire in the coming months; however, the prospects of such a deal does not seem feasible now.

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